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She Will Achieve - At A Glance

A Bit of Background...

Here at She Will Achieve, we believe that every woman should have the opportunity to fulfil their full potential.

 She Will Achieve has three main goals:

1. To build a community where women can read or share experiences that they believe will assist and empower others.

2. To create opportunities for women of all ages to attend challenging and inspiring events hosted in various locations which aim to promote personal growth and raise funds for female related causes worldwide.

3. To educate women on their human rights under international law. 

High Fives

Founder Joseanne Bear

She Will Achieve was founded by Joseanne Bear, an up and coming barrister and a Miss Universe Great Britain 2019 finalist. She identifies as a solo female backpacker, and believes that the most effective way to develop as a person is by stepping outside of your comfort zone and challenging yourself in ways you may have never even imagined. 

Joseanne holds a first class LLB Law degree (international and European) and was Called to the Bar of England and Wales in July 2018. She is currently working as a courtroom advocate and hopes to use her legal background to educate young people on international human rights. 

"My vision is to see a world where gender equality and respect for women’s rights in every country are upheld. I believe that collectively women can assist each other to continue our fight, defy stereotypes and help each other fulfil our own potential”. 

She Will Achieve is female organisation which contains numerous resources to further this this aim. 

"I have created a community where women can inspire each other, challenge themselves and learn about our rights in international law."